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Oddex Software Corporation

Welcome to Oddex, a cutting-edge AI-based startup nestled in the vibrant city of Vancouver! 

We are passionate about creating innovative tools that cater to your daily needs, such as Haloo - our groundbreaking dating service that forges connections based on implicit interests. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI models, Oddex skillfully extracts your interests and behaviors from your social network content to simplify and enrich your life with seamless, personalized solutions. Step into the future with Oddex and elevate your everyday experiences.


Haloo - The Next Generation of Dating Services

Haloo is a next-generation match-making service that utilizes artificial intelligence, data mining, and, specifically, deep learning algorithms to help its users find their most appropriate match.
Haloo aims to break the boundaries of traditional dating apps and effectively cater to the diverse needs of users, whether they seek temporary connections, such as chatting and flirting, or long-term relationships.

SEO optimizer with AI-generated product descriptions in Bulk.
Gowise transforms your product listings with AI optimized for SEO. Our platform generates multiple descriptions for each product, ensuring unique and professional content that resonates with your target audience. 


Arash Zareh

Founder & CEO/CTO

Hojjat Imani

Founder & CPO

Morteza Sarlak

Founder & CISO


#401- 68 Water Street,

Vancouver, BC, Canada